A core plugin that functions as an API to improve development speed.


Many plugins in the EIS Library will be using this plugin in the future, so download it to ensure a smooth experience.

Version 1.2.0



  • Helper Functions
  • Stream Class
  • Load Data via Promises
  • Event Emitter Utility
  • Compatible with other Plugins
  • Documented Code
  • Namespaces for code organization
  • Parser for MV 1.5 Plugin Parameters
  • Get plugin parameters via regular expression through plugin description. (Never care about your plugin file name again).



Download “Amaryllis” Amaryllis.js – Downloaded 242 times –



  1. Download the plugin and place it in your js/plugins folder.
  2. Add the plugin near the top of your PluginManager plugin list — above any EIS plugins.
  3. Enjoy all the awesome API functions!





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