Ask System


A plugin that allows the developer to create in-text information.

This plugin creates the ASK system like in the game Wild Arms 3.
It allows you to select text within a message window, and ask about that word or phrase.

Version: 1.04


  • Small fix for multiple windows without clearing the list of words.
  • Deselecting text is now done using the cancel button when a window has special keyword text.
  • When you reach the end of the input, it goes back to the original starting position (first word in the list)
  • Indexes are no longer zero-based, so the first word would be KR.AskManager.isWordSelected(1).


  • Movement controls inside a message window
  • Selecting text within a message window
  • Activating conditional branches based on selected text.
  • Option to remove brackets, and proper selection rectangle with other text codes.
  • You can have multiple windows one after another with a lot of definitions and still access them the same way.
    • For example One window with 1 word, and another with 2 or three after (The selection rectangle will adjust to the words in the following window).


  1. Install the script with the same name: EISASKSystem.js (default name).
  2. Have fun!



Please download the attached file to use the plugin.

Download “Ask System” EISAskSystem.js – Downloaded 445 times –


Free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Credit with the name Kino or EIS.

Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it!


Enjoy ~

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