Beyond The Code: Relationships


Game Development is more than the code, art, and assets around the project. The people are the ones who will bring the project to the world. Thus, it’s important to build relationships, just as much as it is to write code. Today, I’ll get into the specifics of that process. Starting with a clear vision.

The Clear Vision

Relationships are built on a clear vision. Now, I’m talking about your vision for why you started this relationship in the first place. People are fairly goal oriented in nature, thus having a clear vision will help you make friends that you value. Now, once you have that clear vision in mind, it’s time to get uncomfortable and reach out; here is where things get technical.

Starting Relationship – The Technical

Starting relationships can be hard and uncomfortable. Let’s put some important concepts on the table for you and others. The concepts are: creating value, persistence, and making people comfortable. Let’s start with creating value.


Everyone could use a little more positivity in their day. Being that positivity is something you can do to push things forward when creating relationships. Bringing a business opportunity, compliment, or lending an ear are all valuable things to do. Just make sure you’re sincere. The important message here is first: ask what you can do for others, before asking what they can do for you. Now, even after doing all that maybe they still aren’t keen on the relationship that’s where persistence comes in handy.


It’s important to remain persistent. You have to consider that from the beginning, you’re not involved in their life. This is where persistence comes in; you have to keep adding value to their life, maintaining persistence effort in trying to contact them. Eventually, your persistence will pay off and they’ll finally consider a daily part of their life. Or they’ll finally give you the time of day for an actual conversation. This is where you have to consider making them comfortable.

Making People Comfortable

Even after you remain persistent and create opportunities for you both to talk, they may still feel uncomfortable. Here are the important concepts to use. Create a time constraint; people want to know how much of their time you want. It’s important to be respectful of your time, and the other person. The next thing to do is present your thoughts in a way that piques their interest; remember you want to add value to their life, Lastly, you want to find a point of commonality; no one likes talking to a stranger. By finding a way to connect with that person on some level, you create a common thread between you. A good example is: mentioning a common friend or activity you enjoy. Or asking them an open-ended question about themselves.

By using any one of these helpful concepts, you can improve your relationship with others!


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