Cecilia Grid Inventory – Beta


The grid inventory system allows you to have an inventory on the map scene. You can then use items directly from the inventory on the map scene. This is only a representation of the items in the player inventory for now. We are looking for suggestions on improvements to the system. If you have any, please comment down below.

Version 1.01 – Beta

Script File

Download “Cecilia Grid Inventory” Cecilia_GridInventory.js – Downloaded 668 times –

Download “Cecilia” Cecilia_Heart.js – Downloaded 573 times –


  1. Place the Cecilia_Heart.js and Cecilia_GridInventory.js in your plugins folder.
  2. Enjoy!


In-game Examples

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One thought on “Cecilia Grid Inventory – Beta

  1. Awesome work,.This is what i need.But i have some little problem.
    1.All items will be used when double click.That is strange.It’s there any way to change it to single click to trigger items?
    2.Could you add equip window just beside the inventory window?

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