EIS Achievements


A plugin designed to add achievements to your RPGMaker MV game; giving the player incentive and rewards for completing objectives in-game.

Version 1.1.0



  • Achievements
  • Achievements Scene
  • Category Achievements Scene
  • Unlock Achievements
  • Plugin Commands
  • Masked achievements (mask title, description, or both)
  • Title, description, and icon masks for locked achievements.
  • Excluding achievements (invisible in the achievement scenes)
  • Rewards (mapped to common events)
  • Text code support for scene title, achievement titles, and descriptions
  • Custom icon masks for each achievement
  • Plugin parameters for listing your achievements
  • Scripting box for running script commands when achievements are unlocked
  • Detailed achievement view for longer descriptions
  • Image parameter that shows up in the detail view



  1. Place both EISFileSystem.js and EISAchievements.js in your plugins folder.
  2. Place EISFileSystem above EISAchievements in your PluginManager.
  3. Playtest your game to generate the Achievements file.
  4. Add all the achievements you need.
  5. Enjoy

Note: For those who want to use the update; it’s backward compatible, and simply use EISFileSystem instead of Cecilia_Heart.js.


Tutorial Video



Example Project


Script Files

Download “EIS File System” EISFileSystem.js – Downloaded 407 times –

Download “EIS Achievements” EISAchievements.js – Downloaded 416 times –





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Common Event Setup Example



Please comment down below with your suggestions or other thoughts. I hope this plugin helps you!


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5 thoughts on “EIS Achievements

        1. Did you type it like this?
          You have to type it in as a script, not a plugin command.
          Achievement Scene Command

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