EIS Game Variable Listeners


Allows you to attach common events or functions to your in-game variables. Automate some of your tasks and make creating your game easier. For example, you can turn your game variable into a switch between two or more common events.

Version 1.02


  • Attach functions or common events to your game variables
  • Clear common events or functions from your game variables
  • Listeners are saved with the game (set them up and forget about them)
  • Clear any commont event or function attached to a game variable
  • Setup listeners for each type of game variable operation (set, add, sub, div, mod)
  • New On method


Script File

Download “Game Variable Listeners” EISGameVariableListeners.js – Downloaded 142 times –


  1. Download the script file and save it as EISGameVariableListeners.js
  2. Add the plugin to your Plugin Manager
  3. Use the script calls mentioned in the help file.

Script Call List Examples

Setup Windows

A simple event that updates game variable 1.

In-Game Examples



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