EIS Grid Inventory – Beta


Ever wanted a grid inventory scene in RPGMaker MV? This plugin provides just that. Add a grid inventory scene to your game and use it with intuitive touch controls.

Version 1.00


  • Grid Inventory Scene
  • Drag and drop equip items
  • Drag and drop use items
  • Display equipment and character stats
  • Uses in-game character battler to display character
  • Option to display in-game character sprite over battler
  • Background Image
  • Information window display item information and description
  • Touch and regular input controls.

Script File

Download “EIS Grid Inventory” EISGridInventory.js – Downloaded 382 times –


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Add it to your list of plugins using the PluginManager.


Simply follow the parameter settings below to modify the plugin to fit your needs.

Setup Windows


In-Game Examples

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4 thoughts on “EIS Grid Inventory – Beta

    1. Although it’s not the intended functionality; I can see if I can fix that x button issue, or add that extra button if the results aren’t too jarring to the eye.

  1. Found something that looks like a bug: Items are used and spent even if they can’t be used.
    2. If you put the item somewhere, and then equipped something, the item will be sorted back back at the place it was put when was gained.

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