EIS Librarium Writer


This is the companion application to go along with the EIS Librarium Writer plugin. It allows you to edit the pages of your books with ease and then the file for use in your RPGMakerMV game.
Each button is labeled with what they do, and work together to create and modify a Librarium File.
You can find the plugin here: EIS Librarium


Github Releases

You can download it on Github, by clicking ‘Download’ and selecting “Download Zip”. Afterward, select the one that fits your operating system.

Sample JSON




  • To open a file, click ‘file’ on the file menu. Once the file is open, the Application will be populated with book data.
  • To access a book, click on it by name in the left panel; to delete a book, press the small x button, or delete book once the book is selected.
  • To change the book title, click ‘Change Title’ in the top right, once the book is selected. T
  • To save a newly created page or page edits, click ‘save page’ below the text area.
  • To create a book in your Librarium File, simply click ‘Create Book’ in your left panel.


This is the first release, but this will be worked on to improve the user experience. I really enjoyed making this; so, I hope it can be of some help to you all! And, hopefully it can get rid of some of the stress of using EIS Librarium.