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If you ever wanted a plugin that allows you to have books in your RPGMaker MV games, this is the one. Not only that, it’s here to replace the old book plugin. Out with the old in with the new. It lets you create a deeper lore and more interesting game as a result.

Version 1.05


  • Fixed search issues
  • Support multiple languages
  • Small bug fixes
  • Add support for languages without spaces between characters (Japanese, etc)
  • Remove small window at the bottom of the book scenes
  • New book parameter, no need to have with a JSON file, or EISLibrariumWriter



  • Scene for single book
  • Scene for your whole book library
  • Infinite number of books/documents
  • Graphical backgrounds
  • Text code support (draw your icons, words, text, colors, whatever you want)
  • Smart word wrapping (the word goes to the following line — super great!)



  1. Install the scripts with the same name: EISFileSystem.js(Not necessary for new versions)EISLibrarium.js, and Amaryllis.js.
  2. Place EISFileSystem (Not necessary for new versions) above and Amaryllis above EISLibarium in your Plugin Manager.
  3. If you want to show one of your books, call it by title using the SceneManager.startBookScene(title) script function.
    • Your title should be in quotes, and it is not case sensitive.
  4. Create a .json file with the file name that you want to use, or use the example below.
    1. You can copy the structure down below and edit it as you see fit.
    2. Create the necessary .json structure shown in the feature example window, or copy and paste the code snippet as a starting point.
      • Need to maintain the structure of the JSON file, or else it won’t work correctly.


Script Calls

Opens the book scene with the book at the specified title.
You can then navigate within the scene using left or right arrow keys to  go to different book pages.

Opens the book list scene, which shows all the books in the game, along with the layout for the book available in game.

Returns a book object, which you can use in game, or store in a variable.

Returns a string of the entire book page contents.

Dumps all the text in the specified book into the game message window.



Download “EIS File System” EISFileSystem.js – Downloaded 407 times –

Not necessary for newest version.

Download “Amaryllis” Amaryllis.js – Downloaded 629 times –

Download “Librarium” EISLibrarium.js – Downloaded 826 times –

Example JSON File Structure (Use this as the base template for your Librarium FileNot necessary for newest version.





27 thoughts on “EIS Librarium

  1. This is a very awesome plugin! Thank you so much!
    However, when running your example json file, I realized that in p.3 of “Lilia”, the text wrap does not work…
    Also, is there a way to adjust the window size?
    Thank you again~

    1. I’ll take a look at the automatic text wrap and currently there’s no way to adjust the window size without coding. I’m glad the plugin is helpful!

  2. Hi I want to ask a question. Can we use image png to the book page? Like add photo to the page.
    Thanks this is very great plugin.

  3. This plugin doesnt work for me. I did all what you say and have nothing.
    Send me please the screenshot of your plugin configuration.

    1. It’s been updated for MV version 1.5, so you need the 1.5 editor. Secondly, I will post a screenshot. Do you get any errors in your console?

  4. I keep getting error codes like this when I try executing the plugin.

    Uncaught ReferenceError: Yes is not defined
    index.html:4 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string
    Pixi.js 4.0.0 – ✰ WebGL ✰ http://www.pixijs.com/ ♥♥♥

    /C:/Users/zkeck/Documents/My%20Games/LegendOfTheCrystal/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:2436 SCRIPT CALL ERROR
    /C:/Users/zkeck/Documents/My%20Games/LegendOfTheCrystal/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:2437 SceneManager.startBookScene(“lilia”)

    /C:/Users/zkeck/Documents/My%20Games/LegendOfTheCrystal/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:2438 TypeError: undefined is not a function

    1. I gotcha; Let me get on that. I’m currently updating a lot of the structure of these plugins. SO they can work on both desktop, mobile, and browser.

    1. There will be white list functionality for hiding all books coming in. Although, the feature should be in there already; you can hide books using the white list functions in the help file.

      1. There isnt a whitelist function, there is one in the rem_dictionary plug in but not this one. But the white list for all books will defintly make things easier. Ill just wait for that, awesome plug ins!

  5. Hi Kino!
    This plugin looks amazing and is exactly what I was searching for! I’ve just got a few questions:
    What codes do you have to use in the .json to edit the icons & colours etc?
    Can you add other pictures into the books?
    Is there any way to centre text or have a sub-header within a book?

    Thank you for making this!
    P.s I hope you don’t mind if I make a suggestion, but I found it a little confusing that your examples are displayed SceneManager.startBookScene(title) when to make them work in game, you actually have to write SceneManager.startBookScene(“title”) so I think it might be useful to change!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Rhino; I was actually updating the plugin today to make it work more effectively for people.

      1. Thanks for your hard work! I think there are so many possibilities with this plugin, I can’t wait to see how it ends up 🙂

        1. Rhino the lower window has been removed, also you can add text codes into the library text code by starting the code with “\\” instead of “\”. This means you can insert icons, color codes, etc.

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