EIS Live2D

EIS Live2D

This plugin allows the developer to use Live2D models in their RPGMakerMV game. It also allows developers to create add ons or their own classes using this plugin as a base.

Disclaimer: this plugin is still a work in progress and more features will be added with suggestions.
If you have any suggestions, send them to me on Twitter @EISKino.



Because of the SDK policy of Live2D Inc., SDK file has been removed from the package, so you have to download and import it by yourself to your js/libs folder. The plugin will do the rest of the work.

Version 1.0.0


For more information on Live2D licensinghttp://www.live2d.com/en/products/releaselicense


  • Live2D Model Support
  • Motion Support
  • Move Models
  • Show/Hide Models
  • Attach event listeners to models via JavaScript
  • Model ViewPoint (direction model is looking)
  • Model Scaling
  • Plugin Commands
  • Script Calls (finer grained control)
  • And more to come!




Tutorial Links: http://www.live2d.com/en/external-links



Download “Live2D” EISLive2D.js – Downloaded 110 times –

Download “Live2D Libs” libs.zip – Downloaded 118 times –


Model Library: http://library.live2d.com/

Sample Models: http://docs.live2d.com/en/cubism-editor-manual/sample-model/


  1. Download both the libs and Live2D plugin.
  2. Place all the libs in your js/libs folder.
  3. Place the plugin in your js/plugins folder.
  4. Create a folder/directory in your project’s folder called live2D.
  5. Place any assets/models in the live2D folder.
  6. In the plugin parameters write the path to the model.json file in the model path.
  7. Repeat 5 and 6 for any new assets you wish to add to your game.



Adding new models with RPGMakerMV 1.5 Plugin Manager parameters.

Adding the values to a single model.



In-Game Examples


6 thoughts on “EIS Live2D

  1. this looks super cool! does this plugin load the files at the start of the game or only the scene where it is used? i make games online, so making the game only load stuff when it is needed/called for is very helpful to reduce load times

  2. I’m looking for a plugin like this since forever, so glad I found this now and it looks really cool so far!
    I’ve run into an Error while trying it out though..

    The moment I try to load a model into the scene it gives me
    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘parent’ of undefined

    I tried around a while but cant seem to get it working.
    Any Idea what I could be doing wrong or tips to what I could do to resolve this?

    1. Hey! This plugin mainly works for old Live2D models from 2.1. I’m working on something for 3.1. If you have experience with the software maybe we can make this easier for all people? I currently have a discord and need some people that have experience with the software.

      1. Was trying to use a old 2.1 moc file when the error occured. D:

        Sadly I just started looking into the software myself so I dont think I would be of much help.
        Looking forward for an update of your plugin though and would gladly support you for it. :3
        Thanks for your work.

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