EIS Lore Bites


This plugin adds a new context window to ASK System words using the Rem system. You can attach any text file in your Rem folder and have it displayed in the window when clicking on a word.

Version 1.00


  • Word Wrapping
  • Context Words
  • Information Window
  • Text File Integration
  • Supports other languages


Script File

Download “Rem” Rem_Heart.js – Downloaded 777 times –

Download “Ask System” EISAskSystem.js – Downloaded 446 times –

Download “Lore Bites” EISLoreBites.js – Downloaded 347 times –


  1. Place EISAskSystem.js, Rem_Heart.js, and EISLoreBites.js in your js/plugins folder.
  2. Place Rem_Heart.js above EISLoreBites.js and EISAskSystem.js above Rem_Heart.js in your PluginManager.


Setup Windows



In-Game Examples

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3 thoughts on “EIS Lore Bites

  1. Hi Kino, Could you upload a demo? I can’t get this plugin to work. Nothing happens when I right click on the selected word. the ASK plugin seams to work and I can read my text file if I use \TX[…-…] from Rem_Heart.

  2. This script is a nice idea and have much potential.
    But i think its better, if you could set up some words once and everytime if the word apears you have this function.
    So you have to set it up everytime.
    Why do external text file like the librarium?

    Only an idea =)

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