EIS Saber System


This plugin allows you to setup your own living weapons. These weapons level up along with the player as long as they’re equipped. You can create your own weapon stat table by using Microsoft Excel and making a .csv file.

Version 1.01


  • Weapon stat tables
  • Weapons that gain experience
  • Weapons that level like players

Change Log

  • Fixed Issue with changing file name for living weapons in PluginManager.
  • Fixed Issue with preloaded saves.

Script File

Download “Saber System” Saber_Heart.js – Downloaded 161 times –

Download “EIS File System” EISFileSystem.js – Downloaded 407 times –


Example Files



  1. Place the Saber_Heart.js and EISFileSystem.js in your plugins folder.
  2. Place EISFileSystem.js above Saber_Heart.js in your PluginsManager.
  3. Playtest the game.
  4. Save your .csv files into the newly created folder.
  5. For any weapon, you want to make a living weapon, place the note tag <living: FileNameinto the note box.
  6. Enjoy!

Setup Windows



In-Game Examples


2 thoughts on “EIS Saber System

    1. For example: ‘Cheap Dagger x10’; all of them will have the stats from the one in the file. If you mean multiple weapons(‘Cheap Dagger, ‘Broadsword’), you can attach the same file name for each. Now, if you want to make unique single stack weapons there is EISUnique Item to do that.

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