EIS Screenshots



A plugin that allows you to take screenshots in game.

Version: 1.01


  • The ability to create screenshots, and have them exported to a folder.
  • Setting the destination folder to a path of your choosing.
  • Different file formats for manual screenshots.
  • Screenshot timestamps down to the second to prevent overwriting of old screenshots.
  • Key Mapping
    • You can map it to any alphanumerical key([A-Z, 0-9])
    • The default is  P
  • Replacing an image in game (like a parallax temporarily while on another map)

 You can set the location as to where your screenshots will go.


  1. Install the script with the same name: EISScreenShots.js (default name).
  2. Have fun!
* Version 1.00
* Function
* takeScreenShot(fileName, extension)
* - Takes a screenshot of the game window with an extension of your
* choice. For example, jpg, jpeg, gif, png.
* Example: KR.takeScreenShot("MyFirstScreenShot", "png");
* - This sends a picture called MyFirstScreenShot.png to your screenshot folder,
* and creates one if it doesn't exist.

You can also do this in-game in a script call if you wanted.


Please download the attached file to use the plugin.


Free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Credit with the name Kino or EIS.

Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it!


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