EIS Step Counters


A plugin that allows you to create step counters in your game dynamically. This means that you can replicate things like Incubation of eggs in Pokemon, or create things such as walking achievements.

Version 1.00


  • Create step counters
  • Reset step counter steps
  • Remove step counters

Script File

Download “EIS Step Counters” EISStepCounters.js – Downloaded 207 times –


  1. Download the plugin and save it with the same name (EISStepCounters.js).
  2. Add the plugin to your active plugins in your Plugin Manager.

Script Calls


Setup Windows


In-Game Examples



4 thoughts on “EIS Step Counters

  1. Hi there,
    Since installing and implementing your plugin I’ve been getting this error:

    Window_TitleCommand is not defined

    Could you point me towards a solution? Thanks for posting this plugin!

    1. That’s strange; the step counter plugin doesn’t interact with the Window_TitleCommand window. Are you sure it’s not another plugin in your game?

      1. Thanks for your reply – I actually don’t have any other plugins in this project. What kind of thing could be causing that error?

        1. It might have been the update to RPGMakerMV to 1.5 perhaps? I’ve tested the plugin and it works on my end. I’ll keep looking around in the plugin. What version of RPGMaker are you using?

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