Visual Novel Town

Visual Novel Town


This is a plugin that allows you to replace a map scene with a backdrop.
Similar in style to a visual novel.

Version: 1.02


  • Access map events from the menu
  • Shop, Inn, Save, and Load as standard commands
  • You can disable the standard commands also
  • You can use events to force player actions (warping/transfers)
  • You can remove events from the VN command window using plugin commands
  • Scrolling command window (you set the max number of rows)
  • Window closes when a message appears on screen, or an event is running


  1. Insert the <vntown: imagename> notetag into your specified map’s note area.
  2. Insert <vnshop> <vnevent> <vninn> in the map events you want to use for the specified commands.
  3. To remove an event from the command window select “Plugin Command” and type: addEvent <eventId> (case sensitive).
    1. Example: addEvent 2 (This adds the event to the ban list)
  4. To add an event back to the command window select “Plugin Command” and type: removeEvent <eventId> (case sensitive).
    1. Example: removeEvent 2 (This removes the event from the ban list)
  5. Have fun!

Notetag Example Windows:







  <vntown: imagename>
  //"imagename" refers to the backdrop used in the town scene.
  //The image should be in your pictures folder.
  //This registers an event in the menu on the map scene.
  //The events are placed in order by their ID numbers 1, 2, 3 etc.
  //Designates a shop for the shop command.
  //Designates an inn for the "Inn" command.
//====Plugin Commands====
 addEvent <eventId>
 //Example: addEvent 2 (case sensitive)
/* This command is case sensitive. This adds the event to the ban list, removing it from the command list. */
removeEvent <eventId>
//Example: removeEvent 2 (case sensitive)
/* This command is case sensitive. This removes the event from the ban list, adding it to the command list. */

In-game Examples:


Please see the below attachment to use this plugin.


Free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Credit with the name Kino.

Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it!

Download “Visual Novel Town” VNTown.js – Downloaded 127 times –

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