Item Packs

Item Packs


This plugin simply allows you to create item packs in game for batch rewards, etc. You can create weapon, armor, or item packs. This can be extremely useful if you don’t want to give the user items one at a time.

Version: 1.00


  • Developer can create packs of items, weapons, or armor to be used in game to give to the player as a batch.


  1. Simply install the script
  2. Use the helpers provided
/* Functions:
* KR.Helpers.createItemPacks(packId, array)
* - Creates an item pack to be used in game.
* KR.Helpers.useItemPack(packId)
* - Uses the specific item pack created.
* KR.Helpers.createWeaponPack(packId, array)
* - Create an item pack for weapons.
* KR.Helpers.useWeaponPack(packId)
* - Use the weapon pack.
* KR.Helpers.createArmorPack(packId, array)
* - Creates an item pack for armor.
* KR.Helpers.useArmorPack(packId)
* - Use the pack for armor.
* Note: Item, weapon, and armor packs all belong to the same list,
*  so make sure when creating packs, put each id after one another.
* Example:
* KR.Helpers.createItemPack(1, [1, 5, 2, 4] );
* - The first number is the pack id, the number inside of the square brackets ([]),
* - work as follows: 1 - refers to the item id; 5 refers to the amount. (So 5 potions).
* - The second set of numbers (2, 4) - 2 refers to another item id; 4 is the amount.
* - KR.Helpers.createItemPack(1, [firstItemId, itemAmount, secondItemId, itemAmount ])
* Hopefully this helps with understanding -- enjoy!

In-game set up:


Please see the below download to use the plugin.


Free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Credit with the name Kino, or EIS.

Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it!

Download “Item Packs” EISItemPacks.js – Downloaded 437 times –

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