Job Of A Developer


There is a misconception that may pervade a developer’s mind sometimes. They might consider their job to solve problems they know how to solve. I know I’ve been subject to this. But, that’s not always the job.

The Job

The job is to solve problems. Now, that might be the same thing as what I said above, but they are subtly different. Even if you don’t know how to solve the problem, you have to learn how to. If you’re the only developer on your team, you can’t opt out of the code and the tasks that need to be completed. Your livelihood may depend on it. This is something to remember and not forget.

Is It Easy?

The developer job isn’t easy, nor are many jobs. There will be challenges in any area of life — being confident in your ability will see you through in those times. This is why the reality isn’t easy, but we can make it easier on ourselves by making things happen, which we have the ability to do. Don’t fear the ridiculous amount of code and new problems; embrace them! That’s how innovation is made.

Improving Our Ability

The best way to improve our ability to solve problems in code is to improve our ability to look at things abstractly. Programming in a sense is logical and abstract thinking; understanding how things fit together allows you to create robust models that work for your project. By learning about new and abstract concepts we can recreate their form within the computer. For example, we can create AI in a multitude of ways; we can simulate the brain and how information is processed, or simplify it down to a ruleset for our program to work within. Now, the logical thinking is when we have to focus on the small components and implementation of each piece. Implementation is when things can get hard, but if you can boil it down to a set of instructions on paper, you’re halfway there!


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