JS Text Preprocessor

JS Text Preprocessor

This plugin allows you to use JavaScript in your message windows for dynamic parameters. The JavaScript will eventually turn into string once it’s done being processed. There is a lot you can do here.
You can display all of your actors in a message window, and this will be updated as the game progresses. Or, you can constantly display the right time whenever you talk to a certain person. Display game data to the player without going through all those plugins to do a simple thing.

Version 1.0.0



  • JavaScript in message windows.
  • Run the code in your windows.
  • Turn JavaScript results into strings.
  • Run the code and have it executed for gameplay results.



Download “JS Text PreProcessor” EISJSExpansion.js – Downloaded 24 times –



  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Place it in your js/plugins directory.
  3. Add the Plugin to your PluginManager.
  4. Place it above your other plugins.



Show Text Command Setup

An Overview Of The Result


In-Game Examples

The result of the above preprocessing



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