Map Name Plus


This plugin adds extra functionality to the map name box in RPGMaker MV. Providing developers the opportunity to make their map name boxes less generic.

Version 1.1.0


  • Right to Left Marquee
  • Adjustable Marquee Speed
  • Persistent Map Name Box
  • Text Command Support
  • X and Y window position parameters

Script File

Download “Map Name Plus” EISMapNamePlus.js – Downloaded 327 times –


  1. Place the script file in your Plugins folder.
  2. Place it above all other plugins in your Plugin Manager
  3. Adjust the parameters for your needs.
  4. Enjoy!

Setup Windows

Screenshot of setup window.
Adjusting the plugin parameters.


Screenshot of adding text commands to the display name.
Adding the text commands to the display name.

In-Game Examples

Demonstration of the display name change in map name plus.
Text command support example with blue text.

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