Menu Common Events


This plugin allows you to execute common events in the game menu simply by attaching a common event to an item. If you ever wanted to use common events in your item menu, or display messages in the game’s menu scenes you can now! Now, this has limited use; running various game commands (gain gold, gain item, running plugin commands that would work from the menu scene, etc). But, you should have access to most game commands in your common events.

Version 1.00


  • Execute common events in the menu
  • Prevent exiting the main menu when executing a common event

Script File

Download “EIS Menu Common Events” EISMenuCommonEvents.js – Downloaded 378 times –


  1. Download the plugin file; save it as EISMenuCommonEvents.js
  2. Place the file in your js/plugins folder
  3. Add the script to your Plugin Manager
  4. Place it above all plugins

In-Game Examples

Attaching common event 2 in the item effects.

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