Endless Illusion Software

This is a command line tool for downloading plugin files for RPGMaker from the internet using a package.mnva similar to a JSON object.

It will then download all the files to your js/plugins directory. It can detect js and JSON files, and should be able to detect other file types in the future.


How To Install

npm install -g minvera


minvera init

Creates a new package.mnva file for you if it doesn’t exist in the directory.

minvera install authorName pluginName

Adds a new plugin to your package.mnva under a new author name and then downloads the plugin to your js/plugins directory.

minvera update or minvera update package.mnva

Updates all the files in your package.mnva file. Use this in your game folder directory.

If you pass a .mnva file, it will update your js/plugins directory based on the plugins listed in the .mnva file.

minvera credits

Creates a ‘credits.txt’ with the name of all authors listed in your package.mnva file.

Example mnva file

To create a new author, create a new property in the authors object. Simply type: minvera install authorName pluginName

To add Himeworks for example, type: minvera install Himeworks HIME_MoreEnemyDrops

The pluginName should match the js file name.

Currently available libraries:

  • Himeworks
  • Endless Illusion Software

If you need any help, contact me on the forum or via my website: http://endlessillusoft.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EISKino