This plugin allows you to localize and script events in your game. Change the game’s language on the fly with simple script calls and plugin commands. Or, write your events in your text editor with familiar commands!

Version 1.4.0 – Beta



  • Localize database skills, armor, characters names, profiles, classes, and more
  • Localize your in-game text and messages
  • Change the translation on the fly
  • Default language for localization
  • Text code support in localization file and strings
  • Easy to use and supports multiple languages
  • Split text into sections and support random NPC text, or text that operates in a sequence
  • Companion website for creating your localization file
  • Plugin commands and script calls
  • Optional localization
  • Scripting language for creating and modifying events
    • Supports multiple event commands for RPGMakerMV
    • Move Route Support
    • Dialogue Support
    • Show Text and text command support
    • Much, much more!



Download “Amaryllis” Amaryllis.js – Downloaded 242 times –

Download “MoonFlower” MoonFlower.js – Downloaded 58 times –



  1. Download both Amaryllis and MoonFlower, place them in your project’s js/plugins directory.
  2. Place Amaryllis above MoonFlower in your PluginManager.
  3. Configure the plugin parameters in MoonFlower to suit your project.
  4. Create a localization.json using a .xlsx file via this companion website:
  5. Place the localization.json file in your project’s directory.


You can use google sheets to create your localization tables:

Here’s an example sheet that you can view/download to work from; notes are included for clarity purposes:  MoonFlower Example Sheet



Example of setting up the text codes in a showText command

Example of setting up the note tag for the fire skill in the database.



In-Game Examples


Creating the MoonFlower Command Script

Displaying the MoonFlower Command Script In Game


Commercial Use

Free for non-commercial use.

For commercial use of this plugin contact me for details on licensing and more. The license is 10$ and covers the cost of all updates in the future/bug fixes.


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4 thoughts on “MoonFlower

  1. This or Lavra localization plugin? The other one is pretty old but its still in good use even now. So can you explain whats the benefit of this plugin over the other one? Like more optimized or faster workflow?

    1. Hey Green Dragon, here are some of the benefits of this one over Lavra. I’ve taken a look at Lavra’s before making this.

      With Lavra’s localization plugin you have to enter all of your information into a single JSON file in a text editor putting in \n for all your linebreaks and what not.

      This plugin makes it easier for you in a variety of ways.

      1) You can type all of your localization information into an excel spreadsheet or in google sheets (collaborative).
      2) It has a companion website so getting the localization file is as easy as dragging and dropping.
      3) You can localize anything from skills to items, actors, and more.
      4) It supports all the languages and comes with my randomizer and sequencer options.
      Those two mean you don’t need to make three event pages just to have your NPC say something different. Your NPC’s text can be randomized or come out in a sequence the choice is yours.

    1. Thanks and I hope it helps you out!
      If anything comes up tell me, I work on these plugins to make sure it works for all users.

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