Plugins, Discord, And Beyond

My focus in the RPGMakerMV community has been to improve the tools for both Game and Plugin Developers. I want to make things as easy as possible while expanding the capabilities of the engine.  So, I’ve opened up a discord channel for those who want to contact me; to contact me via discord follow this link.


Plugin Releases

With that said, I’ve released a plugin that adds tons of Utility for writing plugins: Amaryllis; the core EIS plugin. With the release of this plugin, I’ll be focusing on creating larger, long-lasting plugins. These long-lasting plugins are for example Rem, EISLibrarium, Shop System, and Project MoonFlower (localization plugin). These plugins will be maintained, updated, and released soon and the best way to keep in touch is through Twitter or this website (I recommend joining the email list to the right). Of the plugins mentioned above EISLibrarium has been updated.


Hope you enjoy the updates!



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