Project Yuna


Project Yuna is a project I’m working on to provide Visual Novel tools for RPGMakerMV. While RMMV is perfectly capable of supporting the creation of a Visual Novel, there are specific pain points that I want Yuna to solve. Let’s talk about some of those pain points.

The Pain Points

The first point is the text box; story telling it only supports one form of Visual Novel storytelling. storytelling involves using backgrounds, busts, and characters to tell a story. You could refer to this as adventure mode. The next mode mimics novels; this mode removes the busts, and sometimes the background from the equation. Finally, the text box fills the screen to mimic reading a novel. The developer then uses deep descriptions to express the story to the player. Now, there is another problem RMMV has.

The next point is that the text box doesn’t support scripts out of the box. This means that getting your script into the game is a painstaking process; you have to copy and paste parts into showText commands to make it work. This is unfortunate and brings us to the last pain point of character and background support.

Character and background support is lacking in RMMV for Visual Novels. Characters and backgrounds can be done using show picture events. Show picture displays a picture on the screen based on a priority system using IDs for each picture. This is great but can be tedious to use and manage when trying to remember each picture id you’re using. You can have a maximum of 100 pictures total in your game, and can’t go above that number. Also, changing the picture can’t be done while text is being drawn to the text box. These are the major points I wanted to highlight, which lead me to create the requirements for Project Yuna.

Yuna’s Requirements

Yuna has to have an expandable, flexible text box that supports text codes for adjusting characters on screen and provides functions for ease of use. Next, support for a text log of whatever the player reads. The ability to keep your script and export it as a text file to be imported into the engine for ease of use. A smart way to manage characters on screen with ease. Using plugin commands and easy to access names. These are the core features that I think are required to make a developer’s life easy. Stay tuned for more info down the line.

So, what are core features you’d want for a Visual Novel engine? Share them down below; I’d love to hear them!

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