Quick Blog Update: Niche


Hey everyone out there on the internet, I’ve been thinking recently that it might be best for the website if I niche down. So, with that in mind, I’ll primarily be making plugins that leverage the desktop power of RPGMakerMV. What does that mean? It means investing in Node.js.

I will be focusing on some of the awesome stuff that Node.js and NW.js can do.  Things like writing files while the game is running, temporary game data, persistent switches, and much more!

With that in mind, be prepared for some new plugins; the most recent one is EISPersistenSwitches. This is a plugin designed for those developers who want game switches and variables that expand across multiple saves. It’s an awesome plugin and will change what you can do with your game in the long run, for example, dynamic title music (this plugin is coming out very soon).

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