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Ever have an issue remembering all the people you have to credit in RPGMaker MV? This plugin fixes that issue by adding a credit scene to your game. By creating a credits folder and adding a text file for who you want to credit, you never have to keep track of all the authors again.

Version 1.00


  • Credit Scene for looking at credits
  • Text code support for content window
  • Text code support for title window

Script File

Download “Rem” Rem_Heart.js – Downloaded 777 times –

Download “Rem Credits” Rem_Credits.js – Downloaded 218 times –



  1. Place the script Rem_Heart.js in your plugin folder
  2. Place the script Rem_Credits.js in your plugin folder
  3. Install Rem_Heart.js above EISCredits.js in the PluginManager.
  4. Create a new folder inside of your Rem directory called credits (all lowercase)
  5. Add a text file with the name of each author inside of your folder.
  6. Edit the text file with any information you see fit to display in game.
  7. Enjoy

Setup Example Windows



In-Game Example Windows

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