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An awesome new plugin to achieve visual novel based controls in RPGMakerMV. Add this plugin to gain that visual novel atmosphere with text logs, text spinner, backgrounds, and more! This is a part of the new Rose Engine; a collection of plugins that work together to add more features to your game!


I’m super excited to bring this plugin to all of you! And if you enjoy the plugin, consider supporting me on Patreon!

This plugin is also free for commercial and non-commercial use; see terms of use.

Version  1.1.5



  • Character lists with names, descriptions, and bust graphics
  • Text spinner
  • Auto Advancing Text
  • Picture window for showing off items
  • Busts for message window
  • Bust bobbing animations and breathing animations
  • NVL mode (full-screen message window)
  • ADV mode (regular message window)
  • Adjustable message window width
  • Visual novel command window
  • Text log
  • Screenshot mode (hides all windows from view)
  • Name window for displaying names
    • Window can be moved to the left or right side
  • Script calls and plugin commands
  • For developers: no IIFE, so the code can be extended from within the global namespace
  • Foreground for displaying bust graphics
    • Can be hidden at any time
    • Add and remove bust graphics from the scene at any time
  • Backgrounds with smooth transitions; add a background to your visual novel scenes
    • Can be hidden at any time


Download “Amaryllis” Amaryllis.js – Downloaded 597 times –

Download “Rose Visual Novel Tools” Rose_VN.js – Downloaded 33 times –



  1. Download both Amaryllis.js and Rose_VN.js.
  2. Place Amaryllis above Rose_VN in your PluginManager.
  3. Manage your Rose_VN settings.
  4. Enjoy!


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