RPGMaker MV ES6 Feature List

RPGMaker MV And ES6


Hello, everyone! It’s time to discuss ES6, or JavaScript in RPGMaker MV(RMMV). Most code in RPGMaker MV is written in ES5. RPGMaker MV is an engine running on NW.js (or Node-Webkit); the version is older (nw.js is 0.12.3), however, this still allows developers to use some ES6 syntax inside of their code alongside ES5 code.

To start off, I’ve decided to gather most of the features that work in RMMV. Here’s a list of ES6 features available in RMMV.



Each of these features can enhance your code in some way as you’re developing your plugins. Furthermore, you can use them in tandem with regular ES5 code; that’s the most important point to make.

In future posts, I’ll go over each feature in depth, and give you a general idea of how each one can improve your code in some way, as I’ve started using ES6 in my JavaScript also; I will also be updating each of these features with a link to the post that goes in depth on their usage.

Finally, if you enjoyed this small tidbit of information, or you think you’d like to know more, please comment down below and stay tuned!

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