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Version: 1.1.0



Do you wish you could have NPCs be more dynamic when they say something? Or maybe, you would like to have easy ways to import text into your game. I definitely know it can be annoying to play with switches in RPGMaker MV just to have your NPCs be more dynamic. Well, I have a solution.

The Rem system allows you to import text from text files directly into message windows in your game! This can make your NPC more dynamic, and interesting without all the extra work of using switches and variables to do so. Furthermore, this is just a base, there’s more to come using this system.



  • Message window text replacement
  • In game text codes with similar support (You can transform in-game text also such as randomization/sequence).
    • This only works on a line by line basis due to the nature of in-game text commands.
  • Allows you to dynamically switch text in-game
  • Switching in-game text randomly
  • Switch in-game text sequentially
  • Script call for reading text files from any filepath
  • Script call for reading text directly from the compendium
  • Easy to use text codes for replacement
  • Automatically generates folder structure for you
  • Read text files from any file path
  • Get text data straight from the text conpendium



Download “EIS File System” EISFileSystem.js – Downloaded 407 times –

Download “Rem” Rem_Heart.js – Downloaded 777 times –


Script Calls & Text Codes

  • Script Calls
    • RemIn.readTextFile(filePath, fileName)
    • RemIn.getCompendiumText(sectionName, key)
  • Text Codes
    • \TX[sectionName-FileName] 
    • \TXS[sectionName-FileName]
    • \TXR[sectionName-FileName]
    • \TXRP[sectionName-FileName-numberOfTimesToRepeat]
    • \SXS[-phrase1\\s phrase2]
    • \SXR[-phrase1 \\r phrase2 \\r phrase3]
    • \SXRP[-phrase-numberOfTimesToRepeat]


How To Set it up

  1. Download the plugins
  2. Place the EISFileSystem plugin above Rem_Heart
  3. Insert text files into any subdirectory folder (commons, dictionary, maps)


Instructions on use

  1. Use text codes (\TX, \TXS, \TXR, \TXRP, \SXS, \SXR, \SXRP)
  2. Look at the help file for detailed description


Setup Example Windows



Rem System Screenshot



In Game Examples

Rem System Screenshot



Free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Credit with the name Endless Illusion Studios.


Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it!
If you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions for improvements please comment down below.

6 thoughts on “RPGMaker MV Rem System

  1. Hello, I love this plugins and all its addons. Just one little issue, when creating a deployment I get this error. (This error doesn’t appear in play testing of my project)
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘filter’ of null
    at Function.filterDirectoryNames (Rem_Heart.js:226)
    at Function.processDirectoriesAndFiles (Rem_Heart.js:213)
    at Function.setupDataStructure (Rem_Heart.js:204)
    at Function.startSystem (Rem_Heart.js:188)
    at Rem_Heart.js:635
    at Rem_Heart.js:680

    If you need a list of plugins used, ill be more than happy to provide.
    I am using RPG Maker V 1.5.0 (Yanfly Ver)

    Used a web deployment in order to pull up the console. (Google Canary Version 63.0.3206.0)

    Thanks for any help you can provide! (If I code a fix, ill post it here)
    ~ TJ

    1. Hey; thanks and I appreciate you using the plugin. The plugin is not designed for Web due to the nature of how it works for reading in the files.

      I have some ideas on how to fix that but rest asured, it will be somewhat different to get it working on web.

      1. Ah okay,

        The reason I was using the web client is because I didnt know any other way to pull up the console outside of playtesting.

        I have this issue where it doesn’t seem to work, like at all. (When I try to view the credits I get TypeError. Cannot read property ‘split’ of null. This only happens during deployment and not play testing. And since you cant pull up the console on the deployment, I have no idea why its erroring.)

        I’ll send a link to the project if need be.
        ~ TJ

        1. Interesting! Thanks for that information and I’ll definitely look into it. An example project would be great. Pretty soon I’ll be opening up a discord and other avenues to get in touch with me.

        2. HI TJ, I actually have a solution so that this won’t be an issue whether on web or desktop, or mobile. It’ll simply cache all the text information on deployment! So, I’ll have a fix pretty soon.

          1. That’s great to hear. I’ll be stalking this page for future updates then. (Besides a discord seems awesome and I’d love to join)

            Sorry for the late reply, been working on my own little side project for auto database backup and version numbering. (Also Irma happened, and yeah. I had to deal with that)

            Just giving a heads up I’m still arround!

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